Hong Kong people usually buy chocolates on different occasions for different purpose. Chocolate will be sold in different categories such as gift boxes, biscuits, ice-cream, coffee, etc. Based on the datasets provided from Jan 2015 to Oct 2016 (22 months), please:


Predict the chocolate consumption trend as break down by i) product category; ii) in terms of sales figures and no. of unit sold for the period of Nov 2016 - Mar 2017 (5 months) (Hidden from participants)

Find out if there is any correlation between chocolate consumption trend i) among different product sub-categories; ii) and any of 1 external factor other than festival factors (e.g. temperature, football game final, etc.) Note that you need to crawl the data for the external factor by yourself.

How to further optimize the business value based on your findings


Note: Data access method will be disclosed during the competition.