Basic score

  • 30% Data crawling capability to harvest as much as quality and fresh data (e.g. number of sources, number of data & features, fill-up rate, etc.)

  • 30% To demonstrate the capability of data cleansing and pre-processing (e.g. de-duplication, fake comments screening, ranking rationally (e.g. approaches to clean & integration, fake comments/ accounts detection, entity resolution, data fusion, ranking methodology)

  • 20% Demonstration of capability to add value to the business for a profitable solution based on the findings

  • 20% Communication skills to present the findings and be able to defend during Q and A session


Bonus Score:

  • 20% Adoption of APIs, software tools, cloud computing resources (e.g. Azure), frameworks provided by Microsoft

  • 10% Adoption of APIs/ data from the data portal of Data Studio @ Science Park